Does your local emergency services
need reliable service,  support, or repair
of their communication systems and transmission antennas?


For Local Fire Departments, Sheriff Offices, and
Other Local Emergency Service Needs



Last Mile Networks will design a wireless or microwave system that best fits your needs.


For a maintenance and trouble free installation,
let Last Mile Networks’ experienced and
highly trained personnel install your wireless
networking system.

Wireless Data

From 4 blocks to 40 miles, there is no system
too large or too small. Quality products and
workmanship go into every system we design
and build. Let Last Mile Networks build that
Five-9’s-Network for you!

Spectrum Sweeps

Having interference issues? Can’t seem to locate
the problem(s)? Last Mile Networks has the
tools and technology to troubleshoot most any
networking problem.


Managed Network Services

Our managed network service automates
bandwidth and adjusts usage to prevent spikes
in the network.


Last Mile Networks will design a highly reliable
point-to-point system that will assure continuous
operation for years.

Internal wireless Networks

Let us create a secure wireless network for you
that is safe from intrusion.

SYSTEM Support

Last Mile Networks will support almost any
wireless/microwave system. If your system is
down or in poor condition, our staff can provide
a temporary system link to keep you up and
running until a permanent solution can be found.


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